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Growing Trends of the Restaurants’ Business in India

The growing trend of eating out is increasing tremendously around the world. If you go outside for shopping, entertainment or any other purpose, you prefer to eat out.  Moreover, your preference is to select the restaurants that are reachable, tend to provide tasty food, and require food.

India has also a growing trend of eating out. It is because of the increasing disposable income of people that has changed the lifestyle of the population. The food and beverage sectors of India are increasing, which have increased the number of new restaurants in India.  From 2018 to 2019, the market value of Indian restaurants has been increased to $61 billion.

Some trends of the Indian restaurants and preferences of people are enlisted below:

The Habit of Eating Out

The eating-out tendency is increasing because the demand from the consumer is also increasing. It is because they want to eat convenient, tasty, and different food at a reasonable cost. In general, Indians habitually eat out and they do not wait for occasions and special events to go out for food. This is only their love for food. Some of the common reasons for eating out are enlisted here:

  • Family Function
  • Festivals
  • Family or friends outing
  • Spending leisure hours or going shopping
  • Bore from home-made food
  • Official meetings etc.

Change in Disposable Income

The disposable income in India is growing since 2021 as the Gross National income is also growing at the rate of 6.6 % and it is expected to increase in 2023.

Restaurants’ Business

The restaurant business in India is showing a growing trend. Reports show that Restaurants Industry in India is growing at the rate of 7%. In main cities, about 10 new restaurants are opening every month.

Preference for Local Food

Due to religion and society acceptance, most of the population in India prefers vegetarian and herb food. Indian restaurants near them deliver local food with the unique taste, famous spices, sauces, and herb food. This food is also becoming famous globally.

Food for Health Conscious People

After COVID 19 and the global trend of eating healthy and organic food, people are becoming health conscious. They always look for quality, organic, healthy, nutrient food in the restaurants.

Nearby Restaurants

Indian Food Authority report shows that the consumers are preferring nearby restaurants that are located in the nearby market. About 60 % population is looking for easily reachable restaurants; according to them, Indian restaurants near me who deliver required food are preferred.

The Environment of the Restaurants:

People go out to spend quality time and want to relax for hours. Therefore, they prefer restaurants where the environment/atmosphere and overall ambiance of the restaurant are attractive.

Without any doubt, the Restaurants Industry is growing in India like in other countries. Eating out is no more a luxury thing for people. They want to explore new restaurants but their preference for local food is always there.  New restaurants are approaching their target customers through different marketing campaigns and promoting healthy food that is easily approachable.