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What To Order When You Are At An Indian Vegetarian Restaurant?

So you finally located a vegetarian Indian food restaurant and you decided to visit them. If it is your first time visiting such a restaurant then this post is meant exactly for you.

We are Salt & Pepper Indian restaurant and we proudly claim to be one of the finest Indian vegetarian restaurants in High Point. We have certified chef who is master in amusing taste buds of our valued customers with scrumptious vegetarian Indian food. It does not matter if you are looking for Indian appetizers, soups and salads, tandoori, biryanis or just name it; we will serve it to you. We are certified halal and vegetarian restaurantand serve the best veggie food in High Point.

Indian Vegetarian Food

So if this is your first time to eat Indian vegetarian food and you want to take care of your dietry goals too; then you should follow the underlined guide to entice your taste buds. In underlined piece of writing we as one of the top notch halal Indian restaurant in high point recommend what you should order:

Appetizers: In this category, vegetable pakoras, and samosas are vegan. Moreover okra, cauliflower, and onion bhajis, which are among the Indian snacks, are options too.


If you want to have a bread, then roti, papadum (crispy, thin, disk shaped cracker like food) as well as chapatti are traditionally vegan. Although there are some restaurants that brush chapattis with butter, hence you need to ensure that you tell them if you want butter or not. Most of these bread types are vegan friendly however, you should skip dipping it in raita. Raita is a yogurt based sauce.

Entrees And Sides:

If you want to enjoy having entrees or sides, then you should look for words such as saag (it is spinach or something leafy green based), dal which means lentils, aloo (potato), and chana (chickpeas). Dishes with these words and vegan in nature and you may have them without any fear in mind. Anything that states the word “paneer” it is fresh cheese; make it clear to you and decide if you want to have it or not.

For Antioxidants:

Indian cuisine is well known for its usage of herbs and spices. These include the ones such as turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon.

Cinnamon is well equipped with anti-inflammatory properties and has been proven to be enriched with antifungal and antibacterial properties. Similarly ginger is known to combat issues related to stomach. It has anti-inflammatory properties naturally. You will find this spice popping up in different entrees and curries. For instance, you may find it in methigobi (Indian cauliflower).

Turmeric is again a spice that contains curcumin. Curcumin is effective in several ways. It has been proven to have anti-inflammatory agents without any toxic side effects.


If you are looking forward to have an Indian meal full of proteins then you should order something like rajma (kidney beans), dal (lentils), or chana (chickpea). Lnetils have 18 grams of protein in just one cup. Therefore, your option can be masoor dal or tomato red lentil dal or sweet potato; choice is all yours.

Kidney beans are full of nutrients that provide protection against cardiac diseases. They have 15 grams of protein in one cup.

Cut The Fats:

If you are looking forward to minimize fat intake, it is suggested to skip samosas, pakoras, and puri. No doubt, all three of these are delicious but they are served fried. It is better for you to stick to veggie based soup or salad.

Moreover, majority of Indian curries make use of coconut milk to get rich flavor. Once again, if you want to restrict your fat intake then you should have something like baingankabharta. It is a stew made up of tomato and egg plant.

Last but not the least, you should order tandoori. It is a food name for tandoor. Tandoor is an oven made up of clay. Tandoori is cooked in tandoor. If you will order vegetable tandoori you should clarify that you want it ghee and dairy free. Then you will be ordering marinated vegetables that have been skewered and then oven cooked. It means that it will not have any extra oil.

Halal Indian Restaurant In High Point

We are the halal Indian restaurant in high point well aware of the fact that Indian cuisine differs from region to region. However we also know that it largely follows its trademark staples forming the backbone of the culinary culture of Inside. There are the fragrant spices, silky sauces, and different kinds of breads relishing combine to create the dynamic flavor profiles appealing to nearly all five senses of an individual.

To be specifically for the vegetarians, Indian restaurants stand among the often times restaurant options full of meat. Good news is that Indian restaurants are extremely vegan friendly. Hence if you are looking for meal which is vegetarian then your ultimate destination is Salt & Pepper Indian Restaurant.

We will serve you an assortment of vegetarian dishes that you might have not thought of. You will be presented with a range of food items with mild to hot spices. If it is your first time eating Indian vegetarian food it is suggested that you order mild spicy food. Once you will develop taste of the Indian food, then you may order spicier food too. Being first time visitor, and ordering spicier food; you will end up leaving it after taking a single bite. It will be wasting your hard earned money for no reason. So gradually develop your taste and then order accordingly.

Looking at the current pandemic situation, we are there to serve you with your desired food items in few clicks of mouse. You may visit and take away the desired dishes. We will amuse you with the best Indian vegetarian food no matter if you already know the taste or not. You will not regret placing order with us. Access us at and amuse your taste buds with best Indian vegetarian food in no time.