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West Indian Cuisine is Offered At Salt n Pepper:

The Western region of India has several states such as Gujarat, Rajhistan, and Goa etc. Cuisines in these states vary based on the history, climate, and geographic particularities. For instance, Gujarat and Rajhistan have dry and hot climate. Therefore, there is small variety of the vegetables are preserved as chutneys and pickles. Goa is known for the trade and hence is known for the beef and vinegar. If you have been asking for West Indian cuisine near me then your ultimate answer to your question is Salt n Pepper at High Point, NC.

Cultural And Geographical Influence on Cuisine:

Most of these states are vegetarian. Ceetain parts of the Maharashtara are cosmopolitan and food hence varies accordingly. Coconut and peanuts are main ingredients of their food items since both these ingredients are readily available. Goa is well known for the busy trade and lush green coastline hence abundant fish items and seafood is easily accessible. Local dishes such as Xacuti and Vindaloo are the main dishes.

Style of the food:

West Indian cuisine has diversified food style in India. Rajahistani food is largely vegetarian and spicy. However, it includes several delicious dishes such as red meat curry (laalmaas) while Gujarat’s cuisine is well known for the sweet touch and it is largely vegetarian.

Thaali is a Gujarati style of eating meals and consists of almost 10 differnet vegetable dishes, chapatti, rice and sweets. Gujarati people love snacks and hence they cook a range of them. Collectively they are known as Farsan.

In Maharashtra, coastal areas amuse the people with Malvani cuisine i.e. fresh coconut based hot and sour curries with seafood and fish. Food in Goa is enriched with strongly flavored red chilies, coconut and vinegar.

Staple foods: Staple food items of West Indian cuisine include lentils, corn, and gram flour along with the buttermilk, dry red chilies, yogurt, nuts, and sugar. Culinary staples include rice, fish, peanuts, and coconuts. In Goa, it includes rice and fish.

Cooking oils used: Most commonly vegetable oils are used in all the West Indian regions. These include the canola, sunflower, and peanut oil. Ghee is also frequently used as medium to cook food in.

Popular dishes: Some of the popular dishes of the West Indian cuisine include fish curry, chicken xacuti, thepla, bhelpuri, daalbaatichoorma, ghewar, and laalmaas. If you are not a resident of India anymore, you need not to worry. This is because we at Salt n Pepper are serving the best West Indian cuisine at reasonable charges. All you need to do is to visit us once and we guarantee that you will come again and again. Our professional cooks are dedicated to serve our valuable customers best answer to the west Indian cuisine near me. You will find the West Indian food at its best in every manner. Have a detailed look at our menu and see what we have to offer to you. You will enjoy perfect Indian taste in High Point NC. We will make your experience best with us.